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Hi all, I’m Vic.

I am an experienced and qualified data engineer and full stack developer (proficient in big data, back-end, front-end) with proven technical skills. Experienced in communicating with customers and providing solutions for business requirements. Possess a wide range of big data, web and mobile development experience having completed several projects and I’m currently looking for a data engineer or full stack developer position to suit my passion and skill set.

Skill Sets:
Programming language and Frameworks
Scala (1.5 years): Spark, Spark streaming
Java (5 years): Spring, JDBC, OOP, MVC, Mybatis
Python (6 years): Scrapy, matplotlib, requests, BeautifulSoup, Selenium, Flask, scikit-learn, RabbitMQ, PhatomJS
Dart (0.5 year): Flutter
JavaScript (1 year): ReactJS, VueJS

Big data & data skills
● Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Flink, Elasticsearch, AlibabaCloud(like AWS, EC2, EMR, ODPS, S3), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, JSON
Other skills
● Scrum, Git, SSH, Linux, SEO, Docker, Kubernetes, Tensorflow

I’d like to contribute my skills and passion for you to solve your challenge. And I would appreciate my networks with any referrals for a permanent or contract position in Wellington. Thank you all.

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