How to import cert into Java keystore using keytool

When you try to build your project, sometimes you can get this error to say that you cannot verify the certification. The reason for this error is your JDK doesn’t contain the certification of the https secure host, so your JDK does not trust this host. To solve this error, you have to import the…

How to use .bat file to specify a Java environment

Step 1. set up JAVA_HOME to the local java directory. Step2. adding the %JAVA_HOME%\bin folder to the PATH. Step3. To make sure that we stay at the current session after changing the java configuration, we should add cmd /k. The command line will remain interactive.

git in head detached state & push to remote branch

When you are in the ‘head detached’ state, it is a normal state in Git. 1. When you checkout with a remote branch like ” git checkout remote/origin/onebranch” You will get a message showing that you are in the ‘head detached’ state. 2.As there is no branch locally against this remote branch, so the head…

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when install jupyter notebook with python3 Error: NotImplementedError

This problem is related to the tornado server which jupyter notebook uses. To fix this problem, we need to edit the file tornado/platform/, This file is under your virtualenv directory, I have an env3 virtual environment, so my tornado file is C:\Users\Developer\Envs\env3\Lib\site-packages\tornado\platform\, by adding: After all the main imports.

How to get datetime from date() using JavaScript

getDateTime = () => {    var today = new Date();    var date =      today.getFullYear() +      “-” +      (“0” + (today.getMonth() + 1)).slice(-2) +      “-” +      (“0” + today.getDate()).slice(-2);    var time =      (“0” + today.getHours()).slice(-2) +      “:” +      (“0” + today.getMinutes()).slice(-2) +      “:” +      (“0″ + today.getSeconds()).slice(-2);    var dateTime = date + ” ” + time;    return dateTime;  };

How to launch Android Emulator using command line

Cd to the directory of the emulator which contains the “emulator.exe”; run emulator -list-avds to list all the available avds’ name; run emulator -avds [avd-name] to run the specific avd.

Using Firebase to host multi website

Initiate your project cd into your working directory, using firebaes init to initiate your website. Then three files will appear under your folder, “.firebaserc”, “.gitignore” and “firebase.json”. Change your setting In “firebase.json” file, it contains your hosting settings. a configuration example below: { “hosting”: { “site”: “XXXXXXX”, // the site name in your Firebase console…